A Brief Overview of Energy Cords

There is an esoteric belief in what are called energy cords. These are invisible cords of energy that emanate from each person. It is said that all of us are interconnected, and it is through these cords of energy that we can actually feel the world around us. When you are doing something such as hands-on healing, or even distance healing, it is thought that these cords of energy are transmuting that healing energy through the ether. Regardless of distance, we are all interconnected with not only each other, but the universe, and there are many uses for these energy cords once you are able to detect them.

Energy cord healing work with Daphne Prieckaerts during intensive workshop by Dean Ramsden on Bali. Photos Dean Ramsden

Where Did They Emanate From The Body?

In many religious belief systems, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, these are thought to emanate from the second chakra. In the lore of the Yaqui Indians in Sonora New Mexico, it is also said to originate from the same location. It can be referred to as Chi, Qi or simply the Will. It is the natural energy that emanates from the subtle body, originating from the world from which we all come. It is said to be tangible when strong enough, something that is often reported by practitioners of religion such as qi gong.

What Can You Do With These Cords Of Energy

It is thought that these energy cords can be felt in a tangible way if the intentions of the practitioner using them are strong enough. However, they are also thought to provide a type of lifeline for those that are traveling out of body. There are many reports of people that are pulled back into their physical body in the midst of an out of body experience or a lucid dream. However, these energy cords are attached to us at the back of our body, allowing us to return to our physical self.

Regardless of the name of these cords of energy, they do play a large role in the religious and spiritual beliefs of many cultures. The fact that they were separated by thousands of miles, and developed in different cultures, there seems to be a precedent for their existence. If you have ever done healing before, you may have felt a tingling below your belly button where the second chakra is said to be. This would be an indication that you are actually experiencing this energy cord that you can actually produce, and utilize, in the waking world.