Investigating Fake Psychics

It’s a phenomenon that has existed since the dawn of time. People want to see and know things that are hidden from them. Whether it’s the person who wants to know what horse to bet on, which job offer to take, or if the person they’ve met is that “special someone,” people seek advice through any means.Just as long as there have been people who sincerely believe they have powers, there other people who wish to prey on knowledge seeker. Fake psychics and mediums have always been around, some are obvious, and some are very skilled and clever.

psychic readings

Cold Readings

Fraudulent psychics use a number of tried and true techniques to fool you and deprive you of their money, among them are techniques like cold reading.Cold reading gets its name to distinguish it from other frauds which involve the “psychic” doing extensive research into their targets background or someone who employs shills. A Psychic fraud who uses Cold reading is essentially a very good guesser. First he will begin by identifying people who really predisposed to believe. He will then make broad statements like “you seek information about a loved one” and “he or she has a name that begins with an “A” or an “E”. You get the idea. Once he’s got you convinced he knows something, he goes on observing your reactions and body language to refine his guesses. Gradually he gets you more and more into his confidence until you are willing to believe what he’s saying and overlook his “near misses.”

The “Investigator”

Another type of fake will utilize extensive research on you between Psychic sessions. This is of course far easier in the days of the internet. Often these readers will maintain a large clientele hoping to find someone with a lot of money to scam.

An example is the “Gypsy Blessing where the victim is told his money is cursed. When the victim returns with the money to have it “cleansed” the Psychic pulls a sleight of hand on you palming the money and leaving the victim with a ringer.In every case the scammers have stolen large amounts of money from their victims. If you seek psychic advice don’t check your common sense at the door. Look for all the warning signs, investigate the investigator and don’t ever allow yourself to be scammed.