A Brief Overview of Energy Cords

There is an esoteric belief in what are called energy cords. These are invisible cords of energy that emanate from each person. It is said that all of us are interconnected, and it is through these cords of energy that we can actually feel the world around us. When you are doing something such as hands-on healing, or even distance healing, it is thought that these cords of energy are transmuting that healing energy through the ether. Regardless of distance, we are all interconnected with not only each other, but the universe, and there are many uses for these energy cords once you are able to detect them.

Energy cord healing work with Daphne Prieckaerts during intensive workshop by Dean Ramsden on Bali. Photos Dean Ramsden

Where Did They Emanate From The Body?

In many religious belief systems, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, these are thought to emanate from the second chakra. In the lore of the Yaqui Indians in Sonora New Mexico, it is also said to originate from the same location. It can be referred to as Chi, Qi or simply the Will. It is the natural energy that emanates from the subtle body, originating from the world from which we all come. It is said to be tangible when strong enough, something that is often reported by practitioners of religion such as qi gong.

What Can You Do With These Cords Of Energy

It is thought that these energy cords can be felt in a tangible way if the intentions of the practitioner using them are strong enough. However, they are also thought to provide a type of lifeline for those that are traveling out of body. There are many reports of people that are pulled back into their physical body in the midst of an out of body experience or a lucid dream. However, these energy cords are attached to us at the back of our body, allowing us to return to our physical self.

Regardless of the name of these cords of energy, they do play a large role in the religious and spiritual beliefs of many cultures. The fact that they were separated by thousands of miles, and developed in different cultures, there seems to be a precedent for their existence. If you have ever done healing before, you may have felt a tingling below your belly button where the second chakra is said to be. This would be an indication that you are actually experiencing this energy cord that you can actually produce, and utilize, in the waking world.

Preparing For Your Psychic Reading

PsychicWhether you have been seeing psychics for most of your life or are just scheduling your first reading, you probably want to get the most out of this experience. There are a few ways you can prepare for a psychic reading that will help you get the most out of it.

Give It Time

Coming into a reading stressed and harried will affect the quality of the reading. Even a cheap phone psychic will have a hard time sorting through a fog of negative emotion to get to your real truth. Plan your reading on a day when you have fewer commitments. Leave time before the reading to center yourself and release the anxiety of daily life. Last, leave time after the reading to get back into modern life. It’s common to leave a psychic reading with emotions to deal with and information to process.

Formulate Questions Carefully

It’s important to go into a psychic reading with a focus and with questions that need answers. However, you should avoid binary questions with two concrete answers. The reason for this is simple: your fate will change according to your decisions. Rather than asking “Will I be successful in my career?,” ask “What can I do to be more successful?” or “What is holding me back?” The best psychic readings leave you with information you can use to better your life.  Even free psychic readings can provide you with powerful insight into your past, present, and future.

Be Open to Unexpected Information

It’s good to come to a reading with a few open-ended questions, but you should also be willing to let the session flow. Sometimes you can actually solve the problems you plan to discuss simply by letting the energy and information flow. It’s good to have a focus, but don’t be rigid in your expectations.

Ask About Recording

Some psychics will let your record your session or even record it for you. This can be valuable later. Many people go back and review old sessions to see if their life is getting on its true path or to look for advice that may lie in little hints like different choices of words.

The only thing certain about a psychic reading is that it will not go exactly as you plan. The universe has a way of giving unexpected information at the least expected times. However, your psychic reading will certainly be useful and worthwhile if you go in with an open mind and also take the time to prepare yourself. All people deserve advice and encouragement to find or stay on one’s true path, so it’s important to get as much out of your reading as possible.

Investigating Fake Psychics

It’s a phenomenon that has existed since the dawn of time. People want to see and know things that are hidden from them. Whether it’s the person who wants to know what horse to bet on, which job offer to take, or if the person they’ve met is that “special someone,” people seek advice through any means.Just as long as there have been people who sincerely believe they have powers, there other people who wish to prey on knowledge seeker. Fake psychics and mediums have always been around, some are obvious, and some are very skilled and clever.

psychic readings

Cold Readings

Fraudulent psychics use a number of tried and true techniques to fool you and deprive you of their money, among them are techniques like cold reading.Cold reading gets its name to distinguish it from other frauds which involve the “psychic” doing extensive research into their targets background or someone who employs shills. A Psychic fraud who uses Cold reading is essentially a very good guesser. First he will begin by identifying people who really predisposed to believe. He will then make broad statements like “you seek information about a loved one” and “he or she has a name that begins with an “A” or an “E”. You get the idea. Once he’s got you convinced he knows something, he goes on observing your reactions and body language to refine his guesses. Gradually he gets you more and more into his confidence until you are willing to believe what he’s saying and overlook his “near misses.”

The “Investigator”

Another type of fake will utilize extensive research on you between Psychic sessions. This is of course far easier in the days of the internet. Often these readers will maintain a large clientele hoping to find someone with a lot of money to scam.

An example is the “Gypsy Blessing where the victim is told his money is cursed. When the victim returns with the money to have it “cleansed” the Psychic pulls a sleight of hand on you palming the money and leaving the victim with a ringer.In every case the scammers have stolen large amounts of money from their victims. If you seek psychic advice don’t check your common sense at the door. Look for all the warning signs, investigate the investigator and don’t ever allow yourself to be scammed.